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You heard that right. The chief legal analyst for NBC News and former General Manager of MSNBC is writing a book degrading, insulting, and stereotyping an entire group of people. Despite the fact that such a major figure is behind this slap to the face of equality, the book is evoking almost no outcry what so ever. The name of the book is “Man Down: Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt That Women Are Better Cops, Drivers, Gamblers, Spies, World Leaders, Beer Tasters, Hedge Fund Managers, and Just About Everything Else”. The response to this utter bigotry is truly less than encouraging. Instead of being fired like Don Imus, for such a stunt, according to Publisher’s Weekly, the publishing deal for his book actually went through, when Jennifer Levesque of the Abrams Image publishing company bought the world English rights to his book; and in addition, his book is already on pre-order on some sites, a half year in advance of its May, 2011, releasal date. To rub salt in the wound, Mother’s Day was chosen as the book’s releasal date, implying that this bigoted filth should be given as a present to help boost the egos of its target audience- die Ubermädchen. As a fellow blogger and vlogger on men’s issues, ArgusEyes of the website True Equality, has already quipped, “Mother’s day eh? Isn’t that nice. Maybe I can pick up a copy for my mum to help illustrate to her, how her son is a worthless piece of shit.”

On September 13, 2010, the media tycoon’s own website announced an interview he had with Mediaite, which he is the publisher of, of course. The interview can be read here. It’s disturbing to a high degree to me. When asked why he chose to write a book about this particular topic, instead of a topic he is a professional in, such as law, he replied by saying that “It started when I read an article on various ways that women are better than men. I found it interesting and honestly didn’t believe some of the examples they cited, so out of curiosity I researched a little to determine how much of it was backed up by actual evidence. While some of the ones from the article were speculative, as I did a little digging, I was surprised at how many serious studies and research reached the same conclusion — that women, as a group, are more thoughtful, efficient, tougher and less likely to make mistakes.”

The only thing that lends a shred of decency to this whole affair, is that he says that his book is “not an effort to beat up on us guys but it may serve as a wake up call for some.” He is of course referring to the fact that men and boys are doing poorly academically and socially, right now. How he manages to conclude that we are inferior from that; however, is beyond me. If he thinks that berating someone when they are down, is ethical, I can only imagine him going to homeless shelters on the weekends to laugh at those less fortunate, whom, indecently, are 85% male, according to the The United States Conference of Mayors. If he thinks that his insults will help anyone, he is wrong. He is only further hurting male self esteem, in a culture that demeans us so much already. Bigots like Mr. Abrams need to be shown for vile bastards that they are. Imagine a similar book, called something like “Blacks, Forget It: Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt That Whites Are Better Rappers, Drivers, Employees, Athletes, World Leaders, Cooks, Hedge Fund Managers, and Just About Everything Else”. Doubtless, such a book would not be received as well as this one has, and men and boys deserve the same respect that we give to other groups in this country. I will reiterate. Don Imus got fired for much less than what Abrams has just done. Sack the bastard, I say.

If you want to help in telling NBC News what you think of their chief legal analyst spreading hate with their name and reputation attached for the ride, please contact them at:

  • NBC News
    30 Rockefeller Plaza
    New York, N.Y. 10112
  • Or, you can write an online message at their Contact Us page, located here.

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Again we gaze upon contempt, in the mirror that is commercialized pop culture. In the reflection, we see again the true face of society: the face of misandry. Before us, lies an attack on our youngest.

Sexism sells; and, society is buying it up by the barrel-full. The creator of this vile, tactless shirt was Todd Goldman, founder of David and Goliath, who specializes in clothing and knick-knacks. I note that, strangely, he was a boy once, so how could he produce such hateful items? Does he think that he’s stupid, or that people should throw rocks at him? I don’t know; but, his creations are abominations, none-the-less. The devil in me, wouldn’t care if this man was stoned for what he’s done. The angel in me, knows that that is unacceptable, as well as his merchandise.

His products advocate violence against boys, and there should be no tolerance for this. It’s unacceptable. In truth, everything surrounding this matter is reviling. His products against boys now number in the hundreds, and a rough catalog can be found here. In addition to advocating the stoning of boys, below we can see many of the other endorsements Mr. Goldman has for child abuse.

“Boys lie, pok’em in the eye!”

I’d make the cliché about this being ‘all fun and games’; but, I’ll get back to that soon, and besides. This is anything but fun or a game to me.

“Sling-shots are dangerous, so aim good!!”

Take careful note at the extraordinary hostility being directed towards boys. Cristina Hoff Summer’s “The War on Boys” is being actualized, due to the abject hatred our culture has for males.

“It’s all fun and games, until someone looses an eye…Then it’s a party!”

The girls will party hearty, because of this item, ladies and gentleman. And, if blinding your boy is not enough, how about this?

“Boys are stupid, run them over.”

Nothing says ‘girl power’ like a little trampling! But what if your boy, might be useful for something, after all? Mr. Goldman’s got that figured out too, ladies and gents!

“Public transportation”

But, if you already have a metro pass for the city buses, then we can always go back to the hit-&-run idea.

“Boys in da hood!”

Or maybe vehicles are not your weapon of choice. The next shirt, I’ve nicknamed the husband-beater, seeing as many future abusers of husbands we’ll go gaga over it.

“If boys are so tough, why are they so afraid of knives?”

What a good question, class. Did you know that boys are so tough that they don’t need shelters to escape domestic violence?

“If boys are so tough, why do they run from cats?”

And why not sick the animals on them too. After all that’s all boys are, right?

“Evolution of the boy”

As a matter of fact, girls should capture boys and train them!

“Boys make good pets. everyone should own one.”

After all, slavery isn’t wrong when it’s done to boys; and, boys are just dirty animals, remember? It’s a good thing Sally’s was already neutered!

“Here boys!”

Good boy! Who’s a good boy? Who is?! You are, Cuddles!

“Boys aren’t house broken!”

Bad Boy! Very bad! See isn’t having a boy fun girls?

“Girls will be girls, and boys will be toys.”

This could go forever, with the amount of misandric and sexist merchandise that David and Goliath peddles; but, I’m putting a stop to it now, because, I can’t stand it anymore! I weep! I’m welling up!

There can be no doubt, now, as to the kind of society that we live in: a sexist one, which seeks to harass and insult males at every turn, even when they’re only children!

If you feel what I do than contact the sexist company, who made all of these, at:

  • (727) 462-6205 &
  • questions@davidandgoliathtees.com

It’s time to start holding these bigots accountable for their hate. Boys are not any of the above, and they deserve our support.

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Pop culture is a strange place, defying almost every sensibility. It is a limbo in constant flux, filled with endless imagery; some of it beautiful,  some of it funny, some of it shocking; but, it is sheer chaos, through and through. In the hurdle of everyday life, we see it only in pieces, with a glance at a magazine, or a small TV break, after work. We are slowly feed a little here, and a little there, all over the place, so it is hardly to wonder why it always seems to be blurry. It is a mirror that depicts life, and life depicts it.

As such, it would seem necessary to gaze more than just a small moment into its reflection, to truly understand what it sees, and what people see in it. Take a moment now, to recall all that you have witnessed. Did it represent things held dear, or things very distant from yourself? Put another way, are you watching it, or is it watching you?

Do you think that pop culture is watching out for you? Look now into the mirror and gaze! What does it depict? Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the damnedest of them all?

In the mirror, I see my reflection, and it is crying out, almost unheard, muffled by lack of concern. If anyone is being watched my the mirror, it isn’t me.  The mirror serves to depict a visage of illusions, that belittle me, and my fellow man.

It reveals a barren landscape, filled with greed and lust, and I can’t but wonder if it is showing me the truth. Granted the world is filled with these things; but, what does the mirror see my place in these strange world as? When I gazed at my reflection, it revealed something sad. Lonely and stricken, I was thought a fool.

A look at pop culture reveals utter contempt for men. In shows such as Family Guy and the Simpsons, men are portrayed as fat, unintelligent, and useless. I do not consider myself any of those things. But how far does the mirror go? A look at fashion reveals more utter contempt for men, such as the “Boys are stupid- throw rocks at them” shirts. I do not consider myself stupid, and why do people want to stone me to death? And a look at goofy knickknacks reveals the kicker, the true form of what the mirror shows in our world. Mirror, mirror why am I bereft? Lo and behold what the mirror tells us about our world:

"All Men Are Bastards Knife Block"

This is the “All Men Are Bastards-Knife Block”. Apparently, the mirror shows the true form of the world. Revealed here, is the face of misandry. It lurks in the world, ever contemptuous, and is seen by the mirror. It is detected and translated into new products. This commercial item, like the current television shows and shirts for sale, are but symptoms of the true disease. That disease is society’s hatred for males. There is an open market for it, and people are buying.

The mirror is unbiased. It looks at the world and shows us what’s there. Here it can teach us much. As I look at myself, forlorn and bereft, as see something else. I see that I’m alone, only males are revealed in the mirror. There is no “All Women Are Bitches- Knife Block”, no “All Gays Are Fags- Knife Block”, no “All Jews Are Kikes- Knife Block”, no “All Whites Are Crackers- Knife Block”, no “All Latinos Are Spics- Knife Block”, no “All Blacks Are Niggers- Knife Block”, etc. No, there is only a Knife block for men; because that’s what society wants to see, and so it is revealed in the mirror, nicely wrapped and ready to be shipped.

Men are on the chopping block, both metaphorically and literally. Look at how it is being marketed:

Gear up women; we have a kitchen product which is going to blow the wits out of your man! If you’ve got some aggression to vent out and besides needing a place to store your kitchen knives, this creation is just for you. All Men Are Bastards knife block is sculpted into the shape of a male which, depending upon the order of insertion becomes the recipient of a torturous overkill.


Money talks, and it is obvious what it’s saying. Society wants men to be hurt, and is indifferent every time they do get hurt. Society has no Men’s Shelters to escape domestic violence and abuse; but,  it has these for women. The endemic of violence against men can be seen quite clearly here, in this bibliography examining 256 scholarly investigations, 201 empirical studies and 55 reviews and/or analyses, which demonstrate that women are as physically aggressive, or more aggressive, than men in their relationships with their spouses or male partners.  The aggregate sample size in the reviewed studies exceeds 253,500.

And this culture of violence against men is well reflected in the mirror. Pop culture, shows us this quite saliently. Every year in the U.S., about 3.2 million men are the victims of an assault by an intimate partner, which can be seen here. For more information go here.

So in closing what does the mirror say about men in modern society. Lo and behold, this is our lot!

"All Men Are Bastards Knife Block" with all Accesseries

To fight this, visit Harry’s site, and contact the makers of this hateful, sexist item via email, at

  • dave@iwantoneofthose.com
  • tim@iwantoneofthose.com
  • mike@iwantoneofthose.com
  • mark@iwantoneofthose.com
  • nicola@iwantoneofthose.com

Males are worth more than this, show them that. The effect these things have on boys psyches is extraordinarily damaging, and the encouragement of violence against men is appalling.

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