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Many men’s rights activists already know the site Men’s News Daily. It was started in late 2001, inspired by the heroic sacrifice of many men, during and after the tragedy of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center’s in New York City. Many men gave it their all to fight fires and rescue people from under ruble. Many of them sadly perished also. Men’s News Daily’s creator Mike LaSalle wanted to pay homage to their memory in his own way. To give the country and the world a site to talk about men’s issues and to celebrate all the great contributions men make to our society. Nobility was its motivating factor, and it’s been a great ride. As of the 28th of August, Mr. LaSalle has announced his decision to retire the site.

I had first heard of the site from the then-current editor-in-chief Bernard Chapin, from his vlog “Chapin’s Inferno“. Mr. Chapin was where I first started hearing about men’s issues, and it’s fitting, I suppose, that I fist heard of Men’s News Daily from him too.

I wonder how the site will be remembered. It was not without it’s controversies. It was accused of infusing conservative politics into the men’s movement. This claim is not entirely unsubstantiated. In 2007, it was rated as one of the top 75 right of center websites by Right Wing News. On the other hand, it has had an extremely libertarian point of view for quite some time, in addition to some relatively new liberal talking points as well. Examples of this can be found in its anti-war articles and commentaries by Fred Reed such as “Thought on an Interview with General Stanley McChrystal“, “Feminist Marine Gets His Kicks Killing Male Chauvinists in Afghanistan“, and “When Glands Trump Minds: Battling Mohammedans with Yahoos and Rubes“. To quote Mr. Reed, “Perhaps the US should recognize that it has a second-rate military at phenomenal cost—an enormous, largely useless national codpiece. It is embarrassing.” Other examples of non-conservative thought include its anti-drugwar and pro-marijuana decriminalization articles and commentaries by Paul Elam, such as “Drugs, War, Money and Blood” and “When Your Kid Smokes Pot“. To quote Mr. Elam, “So the right has pretty much owned the war on drugs since. And for the efforts of these ‘keep the government off our back’ conservatives, they have given us the mammoth sized DEA, a thousand federal regulations, a rainbow coalition of busted heads, overflowing prisons, enough dead bodies to please Pol Pot, a meaningless Constitution and a bevy of government functionaries that are literally out of their minds with power.” To me, it seems that Men’s News Daily was politically diverse, more than anything else. I think that’s why it called itself a “Daily Dose of Counter-Theory”.

Despite the controversies, it played a part in many awareness campaigns about men suffering from domestic violence and about chances to confront misandry. It gave us opportunities to spread that awareness, by pointing out charities for abused men and boys. It reminded us about important days for us guys to remember, like the anniversary of the Titanic sinking and how the ships male passengers were massacred by sexist maritime policies. It celebrated the best inside each of us guys, by helping to sponsor International Men’s Day. For all it’s faults, I know I will remember the site well. In my book, it earned its self proclaimed title of the “Flagship of the Men’s movement”.

There is a Wikipedia article of the site to reference. It will be interesting to see if the article goes through changes, as the website falls out of common knowledge among men’s rights activists. It’s not yet clear to me if there are plans to keep archived versions of all the articles they wrote. I am aware, however, of one archive for the site, though it only has the articles from 2001-2004. It would seem wise to save any articles that you have enjoyed there, while you still can.

For making his amazing and long standing website, on behalf of the entire men’s movement, I thank you Mike LaSalle. May you be just as successful in all your future ventures. You’ve opened my eyes to so much.


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