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This is an ongoing list of songs that showcase scenes of often graphic violence directed towards men and boys. Feel free to suggest additions to this list, in the comments section below.


band: P!nk

title: Please Don’t Leave Me

plot: Girl and guy’s relationship is ending. He’s walking out of what is presumably her home, which they were presumably living in together up until this point. He falls down the stairs. She stares at him lying helpless on the floor, and she tilts her head as an idea forms in her head. She approaches him, as he fades into unconsciousness. When he awakens she is dressed as a nurse and is stitching wounds, that may have been caused by his fall. He looks over to the dresser by his side, and motions to pick up the telephone. She pulls out a golf club and threatens him to not call for help. He removes his hands from the phone and she takes a swing anyway, breaking his leg. It then skips to her cutting up vegetables for dinner, when she notices him now conscience again and limping towards the door of the house. She tells him not to open the door. He does, and a guard/attack dog begins to maul him. He slips into unconsciousness again, and when he awakens he finds himself tied to a wheelchair with her applying make up on him. He tries to break free; but, she just pushes the chair forward, causing him to tumble along with it over a precipice. It then skips to some time after that where she is naked, after having presumably raped his unconscious body, and notices that he’s escaping again. She pursues him, now clothed and with an ax, as he limps for all he’s worth towards an exit. The story climaxes with her trapping him in a locked room with her hacking away at the door, to break the barricade. He grabs the only weapon he can find, a aerosol can, and he uses it as make shift mace when she finishes making a hole large enough to stick her head through in the door. She is blinded, and she falls over the balcony. When she awakes he has apparently already called 911, and dispatch has already arrived, with him being hauled away on paramedic stretchers and a cop writing up a ticket for her. She takes a look at the audience with the 4th wall now eliminated and blows us a kiss for her ‘performance’.

link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eocCPDxKq1o


band: Oomph!

title: Beim Ersten Mal Tut’s Immer Weh (“The First Time Always Hurts”)

plot: A guy and a girl are talking in an internet chat room. He asks how old she is. She says 15. He says it works for him. They decide to meet up, and it cuts to them taking a drive together, with interspersed scenes of Oomph! in the backseat of the car making motions that something bad is about to happen to him, such as the lead singer Dero dragging his finger along the guys throat indicating execution. Along with that there are flashes to parts of their online conversation that weren’t shown before, with them talking about whether she has shaved, and if he is horny. After the car drive it cuts to a scene where he in a chair and she standing over him. Foreplay starts, but she is being more aggressive, quickly tearing away his jacket from his hands then proceeding to push his head back, while grasping his hair. He looks at her and she clubs him across his face, knocking him unconscious. She now has a knife in her hand, and she has duck-taped his mouth shut. She cuts him up a little. He eventually awakens, and she has a devilish smile. She place the knife at his neck and he is frightened. He tries to move, but he is tied to the chair. She then uses the knife to cut off his shirt. She licks the knife and he recoils as much as he possibly can as she brings it to his body using it to intimidate him. She brings out a stuffed rabbit and she starts showing him what she intends to do to him, by doing it the rabbit. She cuts off a ear with scissors and then stabs the plush toy at its belly before beginning to cut apart its chest. He’s trembling in terror, and she brings out a metal tray filled with surgical equipment. She puts on rubber gloves, and a sequence of scenes begins where she dissects him alive mostly off-screen, switching from one tool to another. He is hauling in agony, and she gives him a quick smirk and a glance as she begins to start moving the dissection down to where his genitals are. She uses a pair of pliers and removes a testicle, and proceeds to flaunt it in his face by rubbing it along his cheek and then his duck-taped lips. He is near or at comatose state due to the tremendous pain he is in. The scene cuts to her throwing two testicles into some clear solution. It ends with her having another online chat with some new guy asking if they want to meet up, and her replying that of course they should and that she knows a ‘fun game’…

link for original German: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7yM8I5ItlM

link for English version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZkniopHgd38


band: Charlotte Sometimes

title: How I could Just Kill a Man

plot: A guy kisses a a girl’s gloved hand before bidding her farewell and heading out of the house they are both in. Once he has left, she looks at one of his shirts and notices it has lipstick kisses on its sleeve, whereupon she moves to a window and see’s him embracing and then kissing another girl. With a large smile she then sets up a trap at the front door of the house, by creating a pulley system to drop cinder blocks on him when he returns to the house and opens the door. When he returns, the blocks fall, and he is dead with a large pool of blood under his head. It then cuts to a scene where she with what seems to be another guy in a different house. They hug, and while they embrace she picks his pocket, and discovers a love letter from some other girl. After a small cry, she gets that same grin from before and bakes him a pie, for when he returns. Upon his return he finds a note saying that she has retired early for the evening and that she has left the pie and some apples out for him. He bites into an apple, and he collapses onto the table. The apples, and possibly the pie too, were poisoned. A few shots of her crying and then smiling maniacally lead into a new scene, where she, in a car, watches what looks to be yet another man, walking into a motel with another girl. Both of them have hats on indicating that they are trying to conceal their identities, by making their faces harder to see. They walk into an elevator together, and it is revealed that the cables of the elevator were snapped by her, as some metal cutters fall to the ground next to a picture of the guy and the other girl being together. It cuts to the girl smirking in her car, and then it cuts to a series of scenes which show her walking away from the various scenes of her murders, as what appears to be fire form around the houses and the car. It ends with the singer taking a slightly longer look in the audiences direction, while repeating the song’s refrain one last time: “You can’t understand how I could just kill a man”. It fades to black.

link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vyZeF_DLq4

band: Maroon 5

title: Misery

plot: A guy falls and hits the concrete of a city road with a thump. A girl then mounts him and starts feeling him up. He looks away while she does this to him, trying to ignore what just happened to him. She begins to pick him up and his face turns to anxious fear as she then thrusts him against a wire fence. She’s still feeling him up, but is being rather aggressive. He tries to reciprocate by grabbing her butt, but she pushes his hand away, and then pulls him to a graffitied wall on the other side of the street, whereupon she continues to fondle him and she bites his lip while smiling. She pushes him away now, and then it cuts to a scene behind some building with her headbutting him. He falls to the ground and then crawls to her legs and grabs her waist but she slaps him and he desists. She starts to pull him up and when he is now erect she knees him in the groin, and he falls again, having to lean on her legs to keep from having his head hit the ground. He starts to try to show his affection for her again, but she just cuffs him. He blinks, not really understand what to do. He moves in one last time to show her his love for her, and when she tries to strike him, he finally blocks it. She then kicks him, sending him flying backwards into the street. At this point, he starts running away from her scared, but he runs into the path of a car, and he gets sent flying again. He picks himself up and keeps on running, but is blocked by her. She has caught him. It then cuts to a scene where they are seated together at some cafe or restaurant. She’s playing with a knife in her hands as he tries to show her that he loves her. He reaches out to her and she retracts. His eyebrows raise and she starts playing 5-finger fillet with the hand he stretched out to her. He starts to look worried and she lets out a scream and rams the knife down hard. He looks at her and then back at his hand. She then throws him onto a table and they embrace. It then cuts to a scene in a public restroom where she slams him into the wall of a stall, and starts to throw him at whatever is hard in the bathroom. She then starts to drown him as the sequence of his abuse continues with him being pushed throw a window by her. A new guy looks at his disheveled body, and then gets hit by a car. It then cuts to a scene where the guy is cornered on the stairs of an apartment high rise. He raises his arms to try to defuse the situation, but she still pushes him over, and he dangles above the ground holding onto a ledge. She stomps on his hands and he falls. A new sequence of scenes proceeds, showing her hurting him back at all of the places that they had shown before in the video. He spits out blood, and as his blurry vision gets better he sees her holding a bazooka, and he starts running. She misses and kills a male pedestrian that he ran past. The sequence continues, with her trying to kill him but continually failing to actually do so. He survives being thrown off a tall building and onto a car parked below, and being pushed off of his motorcycle while driving. She throws the knife from before, but hits another male pedestrian. and the pedestrian collapses. This continues with a molotov cocktail, and a, male pedestrian is shown running while on fire. He just keeps trying to escape, but he just can’t. It ends with him conscience on the paved road, and her walking past him.

link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6g6g2mvItp4



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